Vulnerable Children and Coronavirus

If you are worried that your child is unwell with fever or cough please contact NHS 111 on either or dial 111 if you have no internet access.

Knowledge about Coronavirus is still incomplete. Current evidence suggests that most children who acquire Coronavirus remain well or with very mild symptoms and do not need treatment. However certain children may be more vulnerable to Coronavirus because of pre-existing conditions (**see list below). The following advice is intended to keep them as safe as possible:

During the Coronavirus pandemic, vulnerable children and their siblings should have social distancing measures including staying away from anyone unwell, staying at home and avoiding large gatherings as far as possible - in practice this rules out attending school.

The latest guidance is available here:

and here:

**Examples of children considered as ‘vulnerable’ to severe infection are those with:

  • Chronic lung disease including cystic fibrosis, severe asthma and chronic lung disease of prematurity (needing oxygen)
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Chronic neurological disease including neurodisability and cerebral palsy
  • Diabetes

Weakened immune system:

  • Children having chemotherapy or other treatment for malignancy*
  • Children who are born with an immunodeficiency (primary immunodeficiency)
  • Immunosuppressive medications – this includes biologics, long term steroids and other medicines that dampen immunity*
  • Children post bone marrow transplant (until they have normal immunity back, usually after the all-clear to receive live vaccines)
  • Problems with your spleen (asplenia or functional hyposplenia).

*Medications and immunosuppressives: Please do not stop or reduce ANY of your medications unless advised by your specialist team.