Saving the lives of babies born with no immune system

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What are we up against?

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. A condition where your body cannot protect itself against any incoming infections or virus’, allowing it to take over the body. Even a common cold could kill. Affecting 1 baby in 58,000 in the UK.

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Using science to fight

We protect our patients in a sterile, air-locked ‘bubble’ room at the Great North Children’s Hospital where they receive precise care, treatment and chemotherapy to remove any existing T Cells and infections.

What we need to do this

How do we beat it?

Transplanting donor Bone Marrow into our patients is the only way to re-build an immune system, so that it can continue to protect the body against any hostile attacks. For life.

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Isolation tips from Ward 3

We're going to be sharing our #IsolationTips for you as we know the struggles of living in isolation. Stay safe, stay at home and send in your own tips via social media x