You could run a marathon climb a mountain bake a cake sky dive cycle to raise funds for medical equipment vital research toys

Come raise some funds with us!

We’re looking for the biggest and baddest Fund Raisers this year to help us give our patients what they desperately deserve, the gift of living a normal life. There are endless ways of raising funds for us and you amaze us every time with your creative, inventive ways of helping us reach our fundraising goals. So why not join us this year and give a child a chance of a normal life whilst reaching your own personal goals?


Raising funds is great, and yes, it is 100% vital in order to save the lives of our children that are born too poorly to fend for themselves. But doing so also benefits the Fund Raiser too (that’s you!). It’s not just that warm tingly feeling you get inside when you help somebody you may or may not know. It’s also the sense of achievement you get when you accomplish something you would have never dreamed of doing without the support and backup of others spurring you on.

When you decide to scale that mountain or start that bake sale you talked about once, you know you’ll always have the full support of your friends and family around you as well as our great team here at the Bubble Foundation, helping you achieve each and every goal want to share with us.

Sound like this is the challenge for you?

The next step is creating your fundraising page and getting in touch with us!

What are others doing?