Bubble Bubbles Book Cover

Bubble Bubbles Book by Ingrid Stow

My name is Ingrid, I live in the countryside in Kent with my husband and have 2 grown up daughters. After I retired from being a dispenser at a medical centre, I decided to fill my time by volunteering. I found a wonderful position at a speech and language infants school assisting with reading to pupils who needed help which reinforced the importance of reading to youngsters. It was also noticeable if the parents could not find the time to read with their children the damage done to their reading progression and understanding impacts all learning across all subjects.

When my first grandson was born I started reading to him when he was 3 months old and he has continued to love books since. As he was getting older he was fascinated by our glass kettle and loved to watch the bubbles rise and fall, the same with the washing machine. Every time he came to our house he asked to be picked up to watch the kettle and would say “Bubble bubbles” and would go to the washing machine and say the same. The summer of 2022 an idea of a rhyming book was in my mind and when my younger daughter suggested I should publish it, the journey of Bubble bubbles started, aimed at 0 - 3 years.

Author Ingrid Stow holding book

Toddlers are learning their language skills at this age and so repetition is the key element which hopefully I have covered off in this book. I speak 3 languages and have found that leaning any language is all about repeating words until you make a sentence and communicate.

Finally as I wanted to give something back to society I found the charity The Bubble Foundation which seemed appropriate given the title of my book, so 10% of the proceeds from each book sold will be donated to them. You can buy my book on Etsy - ingridstowbooks.etsy.com

You can also find me on Instagram @stowingrid