Adam with Dr Chris Steele

Adam's parents look back

Adam had his transplant on March 11th 2016. He was very poorly for a number of years before and the transplant was his only hope of a “normal” healthy life. Adam was diagnosed with CGD, his body was unable to fight off infections making him very poorly. The transplant process was very traumatic for all the family, but especially Adam, he had his 16th birthday in the bubble. The nurses and play specialist made the day, bringing presents and encouraged us to put up banners and balloons.

“The doctors and nurses on ward 3 are truly amazing”


The doctors and nurses on ward 3 are truly amazing people and there support was invaluable and we are forever in their debt. The 4 months we lived in the bubble they became our friends and support network. Staying up in Newcastle was a scary time. But thanks to the help from the Bubble Foundation, who provided us with accommodation free of charge, not only while Adam was in the bubble, but we also were given a half way house to stay in until we were allowed home which took a financial worry off. The future looks promising for Adam. The transplant was a success and he has 100% donor cells and none of his CGD. The doctors are really pleased with his progress, and he continues to go from strength to strength.

Adam and nurses

We really can’t thank the Bubble Foundation and Ward 3 enough.

Love & best wishes Helen, Tom and Adam Forrest