Charlotte Cowan's fancy dress

Our friends and loyal Hearts supporters John Cowan and Jenna Watson’s 4 month old daughter Charlotte has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID). We, the Hearts supporters family, will dress up in fancy dress at the Dundee vs Hearts game at Dens Park on December 23rd 2016 to fundraise for baby Charlotte.

Without over complicating things this is a disorder which caused her to not develop a fully functioning immune system. This means something like the chicken pox could be life threatening. Charlotte has already experienced numerous blood tests, a skin biopsy, had a catheter, her urine extracted from her bladder via a needle, SCIg (weekly) and takes numerous medications throughout the day. She will soon have to undergo chemotherapy before a bone marrow transplant. Raising awareness of SCID is crucial as already we’ve found that the majority of people have never heard of it.

Charlotte was diagnosed by luck as she had a urine infection and it just so happened to be her consultant who was on call. However, many babies aren’t as lucky and aren’t diagnosed until they’re much older and they’re extremely ill in intensive care unfortunately this can sometimes be too late. It’s unlikely Charlotte will be a match with myself or John so will need to go to the bone marrow register to find a match. The procedure involves two days in hospital likely an inconvenience to many however, when you consider those two days could save someone’s life maybe even a baby like Charlotte two days is nothing. We’re overwhelmed with support and offers to help already but please if you really would like to help and are able join the bone marrow register! We’d also encourage anyone to give blood as this also allows Charlotte to live as healthy a life as possible at the moment as she receives weekly immunoglobulin infusions and may even mean she has a week or so at home before months in hospital in isolation.

Please, please consider donating.