We need help…

As we all know things are very difficult financially these days, and like every other charity, income has dropped significantly.


The reality of this, is that if things do not improve then the support we have given to the unit for the past 21 years may have to be reviewed. At present, we fund all of the medical research, toys, games, educational equipment, ipads, pain distraction systems and even Sky TV. If income doesn’t improve then we will not be able continue to provide this for our patients.


Those who have been through transplant know the importance of all these things to the well being of the children. So, we need your help.


Can you organise an event? How ever big or small, it will help dramatically. Do you know a company who would sponsor us and pay for SKY TV for a year? (The cost is £5000 ) Does your company sponsor a charity for a year?

Have a look over on our fundraising ideas page


Please let us know if you can help, contact Gill directly at BubbleFoundation@nuth.nhs.uk  or 0191 2823460 or 07798532290


Looking forward to hearing from you



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