The School Bubble Challenge

A Primary and Secondary School Enterprise Challenge over this academic year that will raise money for a Newcastle based children’s charity. The Bubble Foundation, based in the RVI, has set the ‘Bubble Challenge’ which is open to both Primary and Secondary schools.  There will be separate awards for each.

The challenge is simple; we will provide each participating school with a £10 start up fund and led by a core group of pupils, each school will develop and run various fund raising enterprise ideas in order to raise as much money as possible.  The whole school can be involved and you should keep a scrap book on all your activities.

The £10 stake is returned and of the total remaining profit, 50% will be donated to The Bubble Foundation with pupils/teachers deciding how they would like to spend the remaining 50%.  This could be on another elected charity, The Bubble Foundation; a whole school treat or school equipment.  It is entirely up to you.

There will be a 1st prize award for both Primary and Secondary schools raising the most money and all participating schools will get a certificate from The Bubble Foundation.


Official Launch

The official launch of the challenge was a balloon release from the Great North Children’s Hospital on 1st February where representatives from each participating school attended.


Primary Schools

Canning Street


Dame Allan



Secondary Schools

All Saints

St Mary’s




St Cuthberts


The Children then had 4 months to raise as much money as they could with the results being announced at the School Business Awards on the 4th July 2013 at the Centre for Life.




The total amount raised was £13,197.40

The winning schools raising the most were

Primary – Dame Allan Junior School

Secondary – St Cuthberts Catholic High School