Craig Turnbull Runs A Marathon For His Cousin.

“Im running for James Turnbull.

James is my cousin and you couldn’t meet a cooler kid. Sadly he was recently diagnosed with Chronic granulomatous disease.

Chronic granulomatous disease is an inherited disorder in which immune system cells do not function properly. This leads to ongoing and severe infection.

The only cure for chronic granulomatous disease is chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant; this is where the Bubble Foundation comes in.

The Bubble Foundation needs all the funds they can get in order to provide the best service possible for kids like James.

I have decided to run this half marathon to raise as much money as possible for this amazing charity. I have given myself 4 weeks to train, because im crazy like that.”


He finished the race in 1:57:30. His final total is £1310!!

“My final total was £1320!! which I am very happy about and im sure the bubble foundation will be able to do great things with it.”